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Configuration of wPhone (LinPhone) for various SIP/PBX systems

So, you've got a modded phone, now what?

You've opened up a multitude of possibilities for your shiny new Meraki-MC74 by successfully getting here!
There's so many options to focus on, but primarily, I'm going to focus on configuring the wPhone (LinPhone) application for communication with a SIP/PBX server.

Configuring wPhone to communicate with a 3CX SIP server:

Now, I understand that not everyone uses 3CX but I prefer it over most other SIP / PBX servers as it's easy to configure and the license is pretty much free to use.

  1. Open the wPhone application. It should present you with an assisted menu to put your credentials into. linphone-assistant-image

    Your credentials are translated as presented below:

    • Username: Extension (001)
    • Password: Extension Password (NOT YOUR 3CX PASSWORD)
    • Domain: Your 3CX domain ({yourname}, 192.168.1.x, voip.phoenix.lab)
    • Display Name: Optional, but looks nice in the side-bar as a title.
    • Transport: TCP (Or TLS if you have that configured.)
  2. Now, it won't work out of the box, because 3CX is special, so hit the hamburger button in the upper-left corner and tap your display name. It should open a menu titled SIP ACCOUNT. linphone-sipaccount-image
  3. On the right, under Auth userid put your extension username. linphone-sipaccount2-image
  4. Under Proxy add your SIP port after your domain so it looks something like: linphone-proxy-image
  5. Under Prefix remove the prefix, otherwise it'll try to dial with a +1 on everything. linphone-prefix-image
  6. Switch to the Call tab.
  7. Configure a ringtone, or don't. I don't care.
  8. Switch to the Audio tab.
  9. Go ham, turn on all the codecs. linphone-audio-image
  10. In 3CX, under the extension, and under Phone Provisioning scroll to the bottom and look under codecs.
  11. Click Add codecs and add them all.
  12. On the phone again, press the dialpad button and tap the status indicator next to the hamburger icon, this instructs it to attempt to connect.

It should connect if your setup matches mine. Congratulations!

Configuring wPhone with a Asterisk SIP/PBX server:

I don't have one of these, but I'm sure one of you out there do, so please message me with further information. I'll add it once I get a confirmed setup!