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Now, all of this is great and all, but who are you?

Well, I put this page in to answer those questions, since I'm sure you're wondering.

No, I did NOT develop the script, or any of the associated applications.

And I DO NOT want to claim the fame.

Instead, I wrote a wonderful guide for those who get stuck, or want a set of thoroughly-detailed instructions for performing the modification to their phone(s).
I also contributed by providing QA/testing on the process, as I own two MC74 unit(s) and could provide testing. This also unearthed that there are two different variants of the phones which lead to further developments in the project.

I also started the community on Reddit, which started my involvement in the project. The only reaason that I believe that I'm on the Github as a contributor is because I contributed to the community aspect of ReviveMC74.


I love the project, as it provides an outlet for me to learn new things. It's taught me deep ADB commands, Python, Markdown, how to manage a subreddit, and much more.

I personally took the time to QA / test, break, experiment and write this, and the other guides on the subreddit.

My name's Jacob, and I'm from Saint Louis, Missouri. I'm a graduate from Ranken Technical College with a degree in Networking Systems Management, and I'm currently working as a Desktop Specialist.

You can visit my blog to learn more about my personal ventures, as this is really only one small piece of my larger puzzle.